Wireless Dog Fence: Things to Consider When Choosing One

Installing a wireless dog fence provides your dog the freedom to run around within the yard without worrying that your dog will run away from home. But which wireless dog fence should you consider?

What is a wireless dog fence?

A wireless dog fence is a wireless dog containment system with two parts – the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter produces a radius of radio signal within the desired limit of the boundary. Meanwhile, the dog’s collar serves as the receiver. If your dog is near the boundary, a warning signal will set off, alarming the dog not to cross the boundary. And if the dog crosses the limit, it will receive a static electric shock, similar to a splash of cold water.

How to choose the right wireless dog fence?

There are several kinds and models of wireless dog fences available in the market today. And when choosing a wireless dog fence, you should consider the following:

#1: The location

Not all wireless dog fences are designed for all types of terrain, especially for narrow properties. If you are considering installing a wireless dog fence, generally, your property must be 30 feet wide. And as for terrain, the wireless dog fence is not ideal for sloping or terraced property. Also, the electronic fence may not work in heavily wooded areas because of the slow signal transmission.

Before purchasing a wireless dog fence, it is essential to research if the fence will perform well in your area.

#2: Easy to use

Choose a wireless dog fence that is easy to install and easy to use. Also, consider a wireless dog fence with an easy-to-adjust range and settings. You may read product reviews on a few top wireless dog fences first before considering one model or brand. You can read a few well-reviewed wireless dog fences at The Pet God website.

#3: Know your dog’s personality

There are highly anxious dogs that extremely react to static shock, even if it does not exactly physically hurt the dog. And in the worst-case scenario, it may worsen the dog’s nervousness. Meanwhile, there are aggressive dogs that can withstand the static shock from the wireless dog fences. So, ideally, traditional dog fences are suited for these types of dogs.

#4: The size of your dog

How big is your dog? Is your furry buddy with a size of Chihuahua or a Pomeranian? Or do you have bigger breed dogs such as Great Danes and Labrador?

When choosing a wireless dog fence, you need to consider its size, especially when choosing an e-collar that will fit your dog. Fortunately, some manufacturers provide guidelines, usually based on the dog’s weight.

#5: Your budget

How much are you willing to spend on a wireless dog fence? If you have the budget to spend more to ensure your dog’s safety and security within your yard, you may consider models with a more advanced security system. However, if you have just enough budget, you need to go through a couple of reliable product reviews to ensure you are buying the best.

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