What Makes Local SEO Different from Traditional SEO?

What do you know about local SEO? How does it differ from the conventional SEO you know? Find out more about their differences right here.

In this digital era, the first a person does if they need a product or service is to search online. Most consumers are found on the internet now that it is more accessible today than before. According to Google, approximately 46% of online searches are related to local businesses.

This change led to a new age of marketing strategies. Digital marketing, particularly SEO, is the best example of a product of computerization and internet dominance in business.

If you have been in the business for years, chances are you’re familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a tool and process of increasing a website’s visibility in the search engine results ranking. A website can attain online visibility by driving traffic on the website. To drive traffic, you need to create high-quality content, effective use of SEO keywords, and many more.

Most businesses use generic SEO as a means of digital marketing. It entails the company’s internet visibility relies on organic searches. Although traditional SEO works for all types and business sizes, local entrepreneurs might find it difficult to compete with mainstream brands for traffic and search rankings. Here is when a local SEO strategy for your business comes into play.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO works similarly to conventional SEO. Their focus is to improve a website’s online ranking on search engines, increase traffic, as well as page conversions. If traditional SEO centers on a website’s visibility at a global scale, the local SEO, on the other hand, allows entrepreneurs to boost the online market presence of their business at the local scale.

The idea of local SEO is to help local businesses connect with their potential consumers in local search territory. The digital marketing strategy works best for small businesses that cater to local products and services. Also, it targets the community’s residents as potential consumers.

How Does it Work? 

This SEO strategy utilizes a myriad of techniques to improve business online visibility on local search rankings. One way to boost a website’s ranking on local search is by using keywords that identify the location of the business. For instance, in a restaurant business, you may use the keywords ‘the best seafood restaurant’ for generic SEO. However, you need to paraphrase the keywords for local searches; you may use ‘the best seafood restaurant in Los Angeles, California,’ or ‘local seafood restaurant near me.’

Why Should You Practice Local SEO?

Every business should care about SEO. But each one should focus more on local SEO. Take note that most consumers are locals. They will most likely type in specific keywords leading them to the right website. Moreover, a huge percentage of these consumers look up the website to confirm its location for an offline purchase. Inasmuch, a business will have more chance to attract consumers and gain sales through local SEO.

If you are starting your business, it is smart to focus first on a local SEO strategy for your business. Establishing a good reputation within the locals will eventually lead your business to growth and success.

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