What are the Various Ways to Use Cannabis?

Some people are only aware of the one common way to use cannabis which is through smoking. However, what they don’t know is there are several ways in using it especially for people who are using cannabis for medical purposes. Medical marijuana or not, it is still your personal preference whether how you are going to use your weed.

Here are some of the different methods that you can choose from:

  • Topical Methods

Topical oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and it appears thicker compared to the oil used in edible cannabis products. You can use it by directly applying it to the skin to relieve soreness and pain. However, if you are looking for a high, then this method is not recommended for you. Topical methods are usually for medicinal purposes only.

  • Marijuana Tinctures

Just like topical oils, tinctures are also extracted from the plant and mixed with either alcohol and water or just alcohol. You use it by putting a few drops of the tincture under your tongue. This method can be one of the fastest methods to ingest cannabis as it is quickly absorbed by your bloodstream.

In this form, cannabis is fast-acting, highly potent, and highly concentrated. Its purpose is medicinal but due to the intense high that it can provide, some recreational users abuse it.

  • Sprays

Sprays are created through mixing liquids with THC or CBD. It usually has different flavors and is used as medicine by people who don’t want the harmful effects of smoking.

This way of using cannabis is popular in places where marijuana is still illegal because it is hard to detect and easy to conceal. Some people even use sprays together with smoking because it adds flavor.

  • Oral Ingestions

For sure home-baked pot brownies are not new to your ears because it was around for several decades already. The only difference now is cannabis is also added to other types of food.

Since marijuana has been legalized in many states, a lot of companies have started making and selling edibles.

The oils that are extracted from the cannabis plant can be mixed with food or used in baking and cooking. Some even prefer cannabis-infused pills and tablets because it is very convenient.

In states where recreational cannabis is legal, many stores are selling chewing gum, granola bars, cereal, lollipops, gummy bears, ice cream, cookies, and cakes that contain marijuana.

Moreover, the oil can also be mixed with common beverages like beer, sodas, and teas. It is not also new to many people the use of cannabis in making tea. But you have to take note that cannabis teas are more potent compared to before.

  • Vaping

Another new way of ingesting cannabis is through vaporization or more commonly known as vaping. This one is surely self-explanatory as vaping is very rampant nowadays. The only sad part is the FDA has ordered to stop the sale of vaping products by January 2020.

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