Weber Genesis vs Weber Spirit: What’s the Difference?

The Weber has developed several product lines over the years. Among its creation, the Genesis, introduced in 1985, and the Spirit series which followed later in the 1990s are the most popular grills to date.

For sure, you have consulted online sources like the Perfect Grill Parts to guide you in selecting which Weber gas grill product line is best. Indeed, these two products are confusing especially for a first-time buyer. Then, how can you determine which item is best for your next cookout?

To help you decide, here is a comparison of the two product lines for understanding the differences between the Weber Genesis and Spirit.

Spirit vs Genesis

Now, the main difference between these two items is design. If you are searching for a budget-friendly and functional grill, the Spirit series is your best option. On the other hand, if you are a professional grill master or a person looking for a new grill for business purposes, choose the more sophisticated Genesis version.

Aside from the designs of these products, there are other grounds or factors that you need to consider. Here is a short comparison of each model based on significant grill features.

#1 Primary Grilling Area

The Spirit II model E 210 has a grilling area of 360 square inches. It is best for individuals looking for a personal gas grill with no larger backyard. On the other hand, the Spirit II model E310 is a bigger and better version of this product line. The Spirit 310 has a grilling area 424 square inches.

The Genesis series model II LX 240 has a primary grilling area of 380 square inches. The other models of this series called the Genesis II 310 measures 513 square inches. Hence, the Genesis has a larger grilling area compared to Spirit series.

#2 Heating Power

The heating power indicates how a fast a gas grill can cook a food. Thus, a higher heating power is a better choice compared to one with lower power.

Spirit 210 has a BTU/HR of 26, 500, whereas the newer model of this series called the Spirit 310 has a BTU/HR of 32,000.

The Genesis has a higher power rating compared to any Spirit series. The Genesis II 310 has a BTU/HR of 37, 500 and the Genesis II LX 340 has a heating power of 43, 500 BTU.

#3 Side Burner

The Spirit series has no side burner. You could only find this feature in Genesis series model II LX 240 and II LX 340. A gas grill with side burner is quite convenient. Such a piece of equipment allows you to prepare other food aside from grilling.

#4 Price

If you are searching for a low-cost and functional gas grill, then pick any of the Spirit series. This gas grill cost from $350 to $450. On the other hand, the Genesis gas grill version is more expensive. The pricing of Genesis grills ranges from $500 to $1,200.

Which would you prefer the Spirit series or Genesis gas grills?

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