Tips on How to Improve your Sentence Structure for Better Essay Grades

Are you currently struggling to write an essay that will give you better grades? Dive into this article and find out how.

“Awkward”, “wordy”, “verbose”, and “redundant” are the common markdowns that most students would receive in their essays. So, how to make your essay powerful and convincing? Simple; improve your sentence structure.


Tip #1: Use a combination of long, medium, and short sentences

For a better essay, try not to make your readers feel bored or uninterested. Ensure that every paragraph you write has varying sentence lengths: a combination of long, medium, and short sentences.

An essay with too many short sentences will make your essay appear monotonous and awkwardly made. Meanwhile, an essay with too many long sentences is hard for the readers to understand. Most people won’t be able to retain strings of words; so, if you want to get a better essay grade, make your sentences clear and comprehensible with varying lengths of sentences.

How to make long sentences short?

  • Split the sentences.
  • Cut the redundant words.
  • Avoid adverbs.
  • Avoid passive voice.
  • Avoid words that end in –tion
  • Be specific.

Tip #2: Use linking words

Linking or transitional words helps connect sentences to other sentences and paragraphs to other paragraphs – ideas to other ideas. Also, it adds cohesion and clarity to your writing. Here are a few transitional words that you should use:

  • Similarity or addition: In addition, Furthermore, Similarly, Also, etc.
  • Contrast: Nevertheless, But, Yet, On the other hand, etc.
  • Exemplifying: For example, For instance, etc.
  • Consequences: Thus, As a result, Therefore, etc.
  • Summarize or conclude: To summarize, In conclusion, etc.

Writing your essay without linking words is not an essay but a list of unrelated statements and ideas.

#3: Maintain a consistent verb tense

As your essay lengthens, you’ll probably lose track of the tense (past, present, or future), which you are using. To avoid confusion and inconsistencies in the flow of sentences, make sure to maintain consistent verb tense. Avoid switching of verb tenses because it is grammatically incorrect.

#4: Each sentence should consist of an idea

If you are to separate a long sentence into two, each should contain an idea related to the other. Do not omit the idea of its original sentence to a new one. Also, avoid shifting your focus that might ruin your point of view. Moreover, avoid sentence fragments – a sentence fragment is a short and incomplete thought. If you can’t spot sentence fragments, you may use a Sentence checker – a grammar checker that helps identify sentence or grammar errors. Furthermore, keep each of the sentences strong by omitting deviation or any unrelated details.

#5: Organize your thoughts

A well-structured essay has an organized flow of ideas. And for sentence structure, make sure that each sentence is within a paragraph is well-connected. Do not bury the idea if you are to craft an argument. Make sure that your point of view is always clear.

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