Things Women Should Have in Their Purse

There are a lot of things that women cannot leave without every day when they are out and about. Like a friend, for instance, for someone to listen to them rant about their boyfriends or exes or even bosses. But, they can’t have that inside their purses, can they? Nope. But, there’s always a phone to call that patient friend that would be willing to hear whatever they have to say. Aside from the obvious phone, here are other things that you can find inside their purse – things they could not live without.



This should also be an obvious choice. But, what’s inside it? Credit cards, of course. Just in case they pass by a boutique that’s on sale only for that day, they would have extra for when they have only brought a few cash with them. A woman should definitely have the best credit card holders for them.




Compact powder with a mirror is very important for a woman to have. Not only because they would need to freshen up every few hours, but also because they have to check their teeth, hair, and other things on their face constantly.


Lip gloss and lipstick


A woman hates dried and cracked lips. That is why they carry with them some lip balm, lip gloss or a lipstick all the time. You would see them taking out something from their bag in the middle of a conversation and applying it on their lips.


Breathe mints or a mouth spray


You would not catch a woman with stinky breath. That would be a major turn-off for many. They use it after a break, after meals, or even just after sitting at their desk for a long time without talking to anyone.


Hand sanitizer


Just like those breath mints, women should have to have a bottle of hand sanitizer where they go. Being a woman means caring for yourself. What better way to care for themselves than carrying something that would make them feel clean the whole day. For women, everything they touch can possibly have germs in them.


Pins and ties


Especially for those women with long hair, having a tie in the purse is handy. But, ties and pins are not just for the hair. They use them for almost anything – like tying a bag of chips they could not finish or even using some pins to hold close a blouse that miraculously lost a button.


Pen and a notepad (or notebook)


If you think they have too much already stored on their phone, you might not have seen what they have written on their pads. Nothing! But maybe there are lots of things. Just in case they need to write down a number and their phones ran out of battery, at least they have a place to store it. They also might have a “to do list” or a list of groceries they have to buy before they go home. Aside from those listed above, you can also find tampons or sanitary pads, tissue, lotion, oil absorbing sheets and more. No wonder they have big bags.

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