The Importance of Several Subwoofers

When reviewing the Edifier R1280DB bookshelf speaker, you will notice that is among the best bookshelf speakers that we have in the market today. The bass response is the most important factor that makes a subwoofer get a thumbs up or not. A bass that is boomy, over-resonant and bloated can completely be ruining to your music experience but that one that is tight, well defined and evenly distributed will go a long way to enhance your home stereo, home theatre and audio listening.

However good your subwoofer is, a single one can be hard to bring the best sound when you have a big room with various rooms. The trick, when you are in such a scenario, is to add some more subwoofers to influence the quality of the audio system sound output.

Placement and the listening positions

The quality of bass is determined by two factors; the position you have placed the subwoofer and the position you are listening from. Mind where you plce your subwoofer and where you position yourself to enjoy the sound of your home audio system; this is because of the room resonances.

Room resonances are areas that some subwoofer sound waves build up making the bass louder achieving the peak. The room resonances also have some areas that the waves cancel each other making the base sound weak at its dips. Experimenting to get the best positioning that will help reduce the peaks and the dips is the best way you can get to achieve a smooth bass.

More is better

The number of subwoofers can also influence the bass quality. While a single subwoofer can produce enough bass for a smaller room, buying several subwoofers will bring a better experience by reducing the room resonances.  The key purpose of adding more subwoofers is not to add more bass but to improve its quality and to distribute it equally.

Two, three or more subwoofers will effectively eliminate almost all the room resonances. This will also increase the sitting positions for getting the best sound instead of having a single position. Take a single subwoofer like a standing fan that you will need to find a single position to get the conditioned air.

Many subwoofer systems have four separate subwoofers that are powered by the same amplifier. This has better bass production and it improves the sound quality in just about everywhere in the room. Four subwoofers can sound like it is an overload to some so having a pair can also bring the best sound quality.

Subwoofers are found in a number of varieties that range in pieces. While some subwoofers cost only thousands of dollars, some cost thousands  of dollars. Be sure to spend on the best quality because that is what matters the most. Many people opt to buy multiple subwoofers that have a low cost rather than buying a single one that costs a lot. The performance of six subwoofers beats four, four beats two and two is always better than one.

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