The Best Things About Compression Socks That You Need to Know

For someone who loves running or has gone to marathon a few times, it is common to know about compression socks. Due to the few of the following several advantages, compression socks became one of the favorite socks to some athletes:
•    It helps ease up the muscle tension building up at the feet
•    It helps restore blood circulation
•    It helps reduce the build-up of lactic acid
•    It helps control the effects of muscle oscillation

But, did you know that beyond being an excellent pair of running socks, there are other several uses of the socks? Here are some of the main uses of compression socks that you might not know:

1. For medical purposes

One of the main and common purposes of using compression socks is strictly for medical use. Medically, compression socks can:

  •    Help reduce the swelling of the feet and edema

Compression socks were also designed to reduce the build-up of edema or swelling of the lower part of the legs; this is a common condition for pregnant women, where there is an abnormal accumulation of fluids inside particular tissues within the body, particularly at the legs and feet.

  •    It can help reduce the risk of developing varicose veins

Compression socks are known to improve blood circulation. Since it provides pressure to the arteries and veins, it helps the valves to function properly, where it allows blood to flow smoothly and disrupting any risk of obstructions. Thus, with a healthy flow of blood, it keeps troublesome symptoms of varicose veins at bay.

  •    It helps reduce the risk of blood clot formation and deep vein thrombosis

People who are spending prolonged periods of sitting and standing are usually at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. DVT is one of the serious conditions that usually occur at the lower leg or the thigh; it becomes potentially life-threatening when the clumped blood clot breaks off, embolizes, and travels through the heart and into pulmonary arteries, preventing a healthy flow of blood into the lungs and reduces the healthy distribution of oxygen to the body. Fortunately, compression socks and stockings that are found in this website can reduce the risk of having DVT, since it helps secure a healthy and smooth continuous flow of blood.

2. Best used by the athletes for muscular stability

There are several athletes today who are suffering from repeated muscular vibration or oscillation; this condition causes muscle fatigue, swelling, and even injury. However, wearing compression socks can reduce the risk of having muscular vibration and muscular lateral movement. Also, in return, the socks provide muscular stability and strength.

3. It helps legs and feet soreness and cramping

One of the main reasons why several healthcare workers are using compressions socks or stockings is to reduce the soreness of the feet after long hours of standing, walking, and even running in the hospital grounds. Plus, it helps reduce the risk of suffering from a leg cramp.

It’s a Wrap

Compression socks and stockings are not just designed to provide comfort and medical stability to athletes but also to the nurses and other healthcare professionals, flight attendants, teachers, professionals who work long hours of sitting or standing, and even parents.

So, what are you waiting for? Try using compression socks or stockings now, and see the difference.

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