The Best Powder Foundations in Drugstores

Women, and to some extent men, will agree that even a little makeup will get you places. It gives us the confidence we never knew we had, and with it, we’re proud to stand in front of others. This should be enough encouragement to get people to use makeup; what else can you easily get your hands on, is easy to use, and helps you stand out from the crowd? It’s none other than powder foundation!

As versatile as it has multiple brands you can choose from, powder foundations are prevalent on the market today, and this makes choosing your favorite a tough one. What should you get? You can try asking Ellis James Designs, a site that offers fashion and beauty guides for women everywhere. They have put together, in a convenient list, the best drugstore powder foundation brands that you’ll want to consider getting for yourself.

Recommended Drug Store Powder Foundation

1. COVERGIRL Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder – best foundation for those with mature skin

Covergirl has a special place in Ellis James Designs’ heart for a good reason: their Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder, a very smooth powder, will give you a natural, matte finish that is made to fight off the signs of aging. Being able to suit a wide range of skin tones, it is able to cover anything that you’ll want covered, so you won’t have to worry about your look at the end of the day.

Its skin-friendly ingredients won’t be irritating you as you use it. However, it needs the Age-Defying powder to get the best results, which means that you’ll have to get two products. Also, the hinge of the package cover is known to fall off easily. Lastly, they’re against animal cruelty and do no subject animals to testing.

2. PUR Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation – best powder foundation with sunscreen

Having a wide range of products for makeup and skincare, PUR takes pride in their eco-friendly and anti-animal-testing policies. This featured product is versatile; not only that this is free of irritants, it has SPF 15, which means that you are protected to some extent from UV rays, and it has minerals that will give your face a seamless look.

Despite all these advantages, this foundation gives a shiny finish, and is now known to be able to conceal signs of aging. However, this is one that will stand with you under the sun, and that’s a big deal.

3. Maybelline Fit Me Matte Pressed Powder – best powder foundation for oily skin

Not to sound bias, but the brand is quite known, and its reputation is due to the effectiveness of their products. To be fair, this one is a good help when you have oily skin, because its formulation minimizes pores and keeps oil from accumulating on your face for the whole day, and the brand’s “Fit Me” products give you a wide range of choices for different skin tones. Probably the only things keeping this brand from monopolizing are the facts that it doesn’t last long when applied over some sunscreen, and it cannot be applied suitably on fine lines.

4. L’Oreal Paris Hydra Perfecte Loose Face Powder – best powder foundation for Dry Skin

Another product from a brand known for its versatility, this foundation moisturizes your skin as you put it on, perfect for dry skin types. The loose powder gives you a smooth finish, and the formula is long-lasting. The finish also means that it will cover your blemishes as well. What seems off is that the mixture has a lot of fragrance in it, and sensitive skin can have breakouts.

5. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers – best foundation for sensitive skin

Ensuring a long-lasting and perfect finish on your face, the formula of this foundation settles well on your skin without the unnecessary pale look. It is also filled with vitamins A, C, and E, all of which focus on the well-being of your skin. With all these advantages, however, is the fact that users with oily skin will likely find this one unsuitable for them.

Of all the brands shown here, Ellis James Designs recommends the Maybelline Fit Me; mainly due to its capability to minimize oil on your face and it has a wide selection of skin tone colors to choose from. However, you know by now what you want, and you being able to make a choice is the thing that truly matters!

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