The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids

Noise Cancelling Headphones

As a parent, there are events where they don’t have a choice, but to bring along their kids when travelling or attending an event. Although they can behave and be still in quite some time in the outside world, however, when the environment is specifically loud, it can be a little overwhelming for the kids which cue for the never-ending crying. Parents should take extra effort in protecting their child’s ears since its very delicate and still developing when at a young age. Here in this article, the benefits of using a noise cancelling headphones will be elaborated.

  • Avoids Developing Hearing Impairment. Children tend to hear the noises in their surrounding 20x louder than adults. Constantly hearing loud noises may in the long run cause hearing impairment in children.
  • Avoids Sensory Overload. Children with ADHD and Autism are very sensitive when it comes to the noise in their surroundings. Hearing too much loud noise in the environment can trigger irritation and other discomfort.
  • Reduces Noise-related Stress. Loud environment can be overwhelming to children, most especially when there are a lot of people around in a place. When there are so many things they need to process at once, it might cause noise-relates stress, which then soon causes irritation and more crying.
  • Increase Concentration. Most kids who can benefit from using noise-cancellation headphones are those kids who have a short attention span and those who can easily get distracted. Reducing the noise in their environment means they get to focus more on what they are reading or watching, which is good when a kid is learning.
  • Helps in Sleeping. In any social events that can be overwhelming or stressful to children, using noise-cancelling headphones can help them relax, get some rest or sleep the entire event.

Top Noise Cancelling Headphones

1. Baby Banz

This headphone is equipped with Bluetooth connection which makes it easy for parents to choose a music their child can listen to. Also, it is designed in a way where it can be carried around because of its light weight and it can be folded. Its noise reduction rate is 31 which means it totally cancels the noise in the kids surroundings.

2. Em’s for Buds Hearing Protector Earmuffs

This headphone is specifically designed for newborn babies. Since they are still developing their skull and their head is very delicate, this headphone was designed using a fabric instead of the usual plastic or metal headbands. This helps prevent applying too much pressure in the newborn’s head.

3. Pro Ears ReVO

Wearing a headphone for a long period of time can be irritating in the ears. With Pro Ears REVO, it is well padded, can be adjusted easily and fits perfectly for children 2 years old and up so I does not fall off easily. It can a little pricey, but rest assured that it is worth the price because of its features, like higher than average noise reduction capacity which is 25dB.

4. Peltor Junior Earmuff

Parents who have children with ADHD and autism usually use this headphone for their children who have extra sensitive sensory. This headphone has a noise cancellation rate of 22, enough for the user to hear the things going on in their environment, without getting overwhelmed.

5. Snug Kids Earmuffs and Hearing Protectors

It comes with a comfortable headband which not only kids can use, but as well as adults. The headband can adjust up to the size of an adult’s head. The best thing about this headphone is unlike others, it comes with different colors kids and parents can choose from.

When it comes to protecting children’s developing ears, it is best for parents to protect it through investing in noise-cancelling headphones as it comes with a lot of benefits. Here in this article, parents are given a variety of headphones to choose from, which best fits the need of their children. After all, happy kids mean happy parents.

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