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There are many types of available motorcycles on the market today, but nothing compares to the make, style, and sound a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle brings. Harley motorcycles are one of the most well-known American heritages that began as early as 1903. The first unit ever made was a pedaled bicycle powered by a small engine. Since then, the make and look of the product have grown drastically and has managed to become one of the most recognized motorcycle brands around the world. In fact, whereas the first units of Harley-Davidsons ever sold cost less than $500, but presently, the most expensive unit sells for $1 million! That’s how much the motorcycle brand has grown in popularity and value. However, what is it about Harley motorcycles that make it so special?


Many people say that it’s the aura that a Harley-Davidson has whether it’s parked on the side of the road or when it drives by you, which enthusiasts refer to as “Harley Mania”. Others believe that it’s the roar of its large V-twin engine that runs through strait pipes, giving the Harley its distinct chopper-like sound. Nevertheless, whatever the reason maybe, Harley motorcycles have an unmistakable mystique making it one of the most highly regarded motorcycles in the world. Now the question is, is it deserving of this worldwide respect?


It actually depends on the person who owns the motorcycle. For motorcycle enthusiasts who have money to burn, buying a Harley-Davidson that costs anywhere between half a million and a million bucks is worth it. They consider it a worthwhile investment because they know they can sell it for more over time.


One thing certain about Harley motorcycles is that it’s all about image. Enthusiasts have been so preoccupied with the image and sound of the Harley that they have forgotten one key element that any motorcycle must have – performance. Most motorcycles are judged by how they perform by testing their acceleration, top speed, and horsepower. That is not the case with the Harley-Davidson, though.


If the Harley were to be tested with these criteria, it would be the lowest ranking among all brands. It has the slowest acceleration speed, it has the slowest top speed, and it has the lowest horsepower output compared to all motorcycle brands. If it were to win a race against something, it would probably be an electronic wheelchair. The only thing going for this brand is its image and the sound it produces.


Still, if you were to own a Harley-Davidson, using a good battery on it would probably do wonders for how it runs. Sometimes, a powerful battery is all that’s needed to turn a lackluster motorcycle performance around. You’ve already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Harley, so what’s a few more dollars for a good battery, right? However, to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth when purchasing a battery; make sure to read motorcycle battery reviews first. These will help you compare prices and features easily so you can choose the best brand.


Regardless if it’s underperforming, a Harley is still a Harley. Enthusiasts will say it’s more than worth its weight in gold, and some may not agree with that. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it’s still one of the world’s most famous motorcycle brands and having one in your name is an accomplishment in itself.