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Parents are presented with a lot of choices when having kids. One of the biggest decisions to make is choosing between disposable and reusable diapers. For idealists, the choice is pretty obvious. Why would anyone want to continuously spend money on disposable diapers? Why would anyone want to keep dumping diapers and add to environmental problems? Well, as it turns out, disposable diapers still hold a few aces up their sleeves. Instead of being an inferior option, it’s still a viable alternative. The truth is that there are still plenty of situations where disposable diapers are the more practical choice for parents. Here are some notable examples.


  1. Too busy to wash soiled diapers.

In this day and age, being busy is typically the norm. If given the chance, parents would rather have either to watch the baby and the other goes to work. Unfortunately, times change and what may have been considered possible decades ago isn’t that viable today. There’s a good reason why housewives are becoming a rare specimen, and that is because both parents need to work. Moms or house dads who are tasked to watch their baby tend to find work as freelancers. With this arrangement, it would be too much to ask for parents to wash diapers every single time that baby is changed.

  1. Unable to wash diapers thoroughly.

A soiled reusable diaper doesn’t just need to be washed immediately, but also thoroughly. Now, it’s no secret that parents are sleep deprived for the first few months that their babies are introduced in the house. Add that to the likelihood that both parents have their respective careers to attend to, the attention and time needed to clean a diaper through and through may not be possible at all. There’s no need to point out why diapers should be cleaned immaculately. But the most notable consequence is that baby is likely to experience skin irritations. But really, it’s disgusting to let baby wear a badly washed diaper.

  1. Can’t cope with reusable diaper’s frequent changing.

Although reliable parenting sites like KitsToys.uk emphasize the benefits of reusable diapers, parents must understand that it isn’t a perfect invention. One aspect where it falls short in comparison to disposable diapers is that most reusable diapers are not as absorbent. Sure, there are types of reusable diapers that can be just as absorbent as disposable diapers, but they generally have ridiculous and impractical price tags.

Obviously, parents who prefer to use cloth diapers for their babies will have to understand that they are actively choosing to change baby frequently in exchange for avoiding chemical exposure for baby. Conversely, parents who use disposable diapers should understand that there is a risk of skin irritation from exposure to the gel used in disposable diapers.

Regardless of what type of diaper parents choose to use for their baby, it’s important to not jump into conclusions and judge them for using the other. Admittedly, there are arguments on the web that centers on the choice of diapers. Keeping it civil and keeping in mind that discussions are for the sake of their respective babies is important.