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In dental health, flossing the teeth every meal is important to avoid the formation of cavities or tooth decay. Floss can reach areas that a toothbrush is unable to; it removes the plaque and food particles efficiently, which is the reason why almost every doctor loves the idea of their patients flossing each day without a fail. However, patients always complain how painful flossing can be; since common dental flossing uses string floss, there are several cases that it can affect the gums.

If you do not want to feel being betrayed by your dental floss, then why not use water dental floss instead? Water dental floss is an oral device that is flashing some thin and pressurized water stream that must be aimed between the gumline and teeth. How does it work? Using the water flosser the gums are massaged while the food particles are removed efficiently. Also, using the device the possibilities of bacteria build up on the teeth are 99.99 percent removed than mouth washing. The water flosser has motor and pumps with it, and by using the flosser’s pump the water from the reservoir is passed through the hose and then released to the mouth. What are the benefits of water flosser? Although, the prime use of water flosser is to remove plaque, below are the other reasons why water flosser is much more advantageous than using string floss?

  • Perfect solution for people with braces

String floss can never penetrate a mouth with teeth braces; thus, through water flossers, any food particles and debris in between teeth are removed efficiently leaving without a trace of bacteria build up.

  • Perfect solution for sensitive gums

If you have sensitive gums but unable to live without flossing the teeth, then the perfect solution to your problem is through flossers. Although water flossers contain pressurized water, all actions performed by the device are guaranteed safe and gentle.

  • You gain fresher breath

Did you know that water flossers are much more effective in providing fresher breath than mouth wash? The food particles left in your mouth after your meal turns into plaque and these plaques build up bacteria that cause bad breath and eventually tooth decay. Since the device can clean almost every part of the teeth and leave fewer traces of bacteria, positively it contributes to fresher breath than before.

  • You will have healthier gums

Bacteria that build up from dental plaque are known to be sticky substances; by brushing, some of these are removed. So, in efforts of removing the plaque, your gums are affected causing them to inflame. However, with water flossers, you are able to remove the stubborn plaque off the teeth easily without experiencing painful bleeding gums. Brushing the teeth three times a day is important to avoid tooth decay. However, brushing is not enough. There are food particles that are not removed easily with just by brushing; this is why dental floss completes the battle against tooth decay. Also, the best and easy way of flossing is through water flossers. If you want to read more about it, you can visit this website dentalwaterflosser.com now.