Tag: Clean Your Pool

Pools are really fun to have in your backyard. It is not just a great place for you to cool down during hot summer days, but also the perfect place for family bonding and cool parties. However, not everybody is pleased with the cost that comes with having a pool in their own homes. The installation itself would range from six thousand to twenty thousand depending on the size and design. Add to that, the expenses you would have to make in maintaining and cleaning them. With the status of our economy nowadays, it is not easy to decide which investments are good for your own home. As much as possible, people find ways to save up on this and that. Well, here are just a few tips to help you save money in cleaning your pool.


The cost of the maintenance is usually in the pool pump that you use. The pump is what circulates the water in the pool. It filters the water, removing unnecessary debris from it, and returns the clean water back in the pool. When you run the pump, you automatically use up electricity. Running it more than once a day is costly and excessive. During winter, since you do not utilize your pool, you can run it less. The higher the speed you set the pump to work, the lesser electricity it uses. A lot of money is also spent in chemicals you use to maintain the pH balance of the water. There are other and safer ways to deal with the chemical levels. You can use baking soda, Borax, and bleach to maintain the desired level of your water.


To avoid all the problems in cleaning your pool, you might want to use a robotic cleaner to help you out. Not only does it save time and effort, but also it would help lessen the expenses in the cleaning. Who wouldn’t want to lounge at the side of the pool and let a robot do all the hard work? Robotic cleaners already filter the water before they even go to the pump. So, you can run your pool pump as less as possible. Powerful robotic cleaners can also help in the circulation of the water. It can help in keeping the correct and desired chemical level of your water because of how the cleaner prevents algae from growing on the walls of your pool. These robotic cleaners work faster than you can imagine. The longer the cleaner runs the more electricity it consumes. And the more electricity you consume, the thinner your wallet would become.


There are actually a lot of different, high-quality robotic cleaners out there that you can choose from. You might want to check out some of the best robotic pool cleaner reviews for you to find one that would suit your style and budget. These are only overviews of the tips on saving money in cleaning your pool. Hopefully, it is able to help you cut down your costs.