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For other people, installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom may seem odd, weird, or funny. That is because some people have a wrong perception that exhaust fans should just be installed in kitchens. In order to correct such, they should know about the importance of installing an exhaust fan in a bathroom.

It is a known fact that the bathroom is full of items that introduce moist air inside the area. Such include showers, sinks, faucets, tubs, and other types of fixtures. And according to experts, moist air is dangerous to people and structures. It is able to allow the growth of mold and mildew that can cause certain diseases in individuals. They also have the ability to rot the bathroom’s structures, peel off the painting, and the likes.

As people learn more about such importance, more brands and styles of bathroom exhaust fans are also being manufactured. Hence, people who start to canvass and scout for bathroom exhaust fans become overwhelmed. At times, they even end up buying a brand that does not deliver what it has promised. Likewise, according to https://walkinshowers.org/best-bathroom-exhaust-fan-reviews.html, there are also brands that will work efficiently for a certain period and will gradually deteriorate. Therefore; it is important that people learn how to properly evaluate the exhaust fan that they are going to buy.

Factors to Consider

The Size of the Bathroom Fan

It may sound so obvious but most people often forget to consider this factor when they buy a bathroom exhaust fan. Most of the time, the exhaust is being installed in the window in order to avoid putting a hole in the wall. Thus, people should measure the space in their bathroom window where they intend to put the fan. Nevertheless, there are bathroom exhaust fan brands wherein their sizes can be customized with an extender.

In addition, the size of the exhaust fan should also be related to the square footage of the bathroom. Through such, the user will be assured that the area will be properly ventilated. If the suitable size will not fit the window, then, the buyer should opt to just have it installed on the wall. He or she also has the option to buy dual-blade exhaust fans. As a guide from experts, 1 CFM of a bathroom exhaust fan matches one square foot of a bathroom area. However, 50 CFMs should be added as an extra.

The Level of Noise it Produces

Generally speaking, exhaust fans produce a jet-engine-like sound because they have powerful motors, as well as blades that rotating. However, the level of noise is different for each brand available in the market. That is because there are manufacturers that use advanced technology. Nevertheless, the noise level of exhaust fans is measured at sones. According to experts, quiet exhaust fans have a noise rating of two sones or below.

The Amount of Energy it Uses

It is factual that exhaust fans operate with the help of electricity. Thus, they can add up to the person’s monthly electrical bills. However, there are already brands that are designed to be energy efficient. In fact, some of them save energy as high as 70%.