Main Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is something that everybody would be feeling at least once in a lifetime. Though some people experience many kinds of back pain, it is difficult for them to really treat them because they do not know what is causing them, unless they go to a professional to help them identify the kind of pain and give them some special treatment. It would be better to know the cause so that one can be able to give it immediate relief even if they are at home. Upper Back Pain in the upper back is usually caused by injuries, muscle, and joint dysfunctions. Here are some of the main causes of upper back pains:


1. Bad posture


Having a bad posture, especially when your work requires you to sit for hours in front of your desk, would definitely give you upper back pains. The muscles on the back become weak and it won’t be able to hold the spine well. Pressure or stress in certain areas would be intensified if you lean too often on that side while sitting.


2. Lifting Heavy Objects


When you lift a heavy object and hold it above your head and holding it more to the left side or the right instead of at the center, the stress on your muscles would not be distributed properly and would cause your right or left shoulder and back feel more pain.


3. Overworking


If you spend long hours lifting, pushing, or any activity that uses your upper back muscles including your shoulders, you would be experiencing some back pain. The overuse of the muscles would cause them to be strained and inflamed. Also, the ligaments might experience some sprains.


4. Accidents


A major accident like a car crash, falling from a high place, sports injuries and more can cause trauma to the back. These accidents can injure the spine, muscles, tissues, discs, and ligaments that would bring pain to certain parts. Lower Back Lower back pains are often more serious and last longer. Here are some of the main causes of lower back pains:


1. Disc Problems


The discs on the back can irritate some nerves that are close to them and cause them to be inflamed. Discs can also be torn and would trigger severe pain. The tearing of the discs can be caused by dehydration. Older people tend to feel this more often than younger ones because the body loses more water as it ages.


2. Joint Dysfunctions


The joints at the back are prone to different injuries that cause inflammation and severe pain. Both disc and joint problems can lead to more serious problems like stenosis, spondylolisthesis, osteoarthritis and more.


3. Spine deformity


Scoliosis and kyphosis are examples of abnormal deformities in the spine. Because the spine is not properly aligned, some activities and even just sitting down for a long time would cause pain to the patient.


4. Fractures

Bone fractures occur more often in people who have weak bones. When the bones are not developed well, they break easily and would cause the muscles and nerves around them to ache. There are different treatments for each type of back pain, depending on the cause. For serious problems, doctors have to do some special surgery to correct the disorder. Some pains can be eliminated with some good massage though. If you are interested in getting a back massage that would soothe the pain fast, you can read these back massager reviews.

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