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Are you planning on getting a dog but you live in an average-sized apartment? That’s great news because pets are the lovelies friends you can imagine! But they are also the hardest to maintain, unfortunately. Having a dog comes with many responsibilities since you’re basically adopting a living being whom you have to take care of. It all seems fun until you get to that part when your dog is peeing on the floor while you’re still trying to clean up the mess he made half an hour ago.

So how do you actually deal with a new pet? If you’re new to this world and don’t have any experience in raising dogs then you are in the right place because we are going to tell you exactly what to expect when living with a pet!

Firstly, all dogs, whether big or small breeds, are extremely active. They run around, chase stuff, want to catch sticks and so on. Therefore, prepare yourself to take your dog for walks at least three times a day. Out of those three times one should be a long walk with some running for the dog because they need that type of activity daily. Be ready to set aside a lot of time which you will have to devote to your new dog because they are thirsty for attention.

Probably the worst part of raising a dog is teaching him where to do his business. This process can last from three to five months and if your dog really doesn’t get it, it can take up to a year or more. If you find teaching him difficult you can always take him to a professional trainer who will do the work for you. Mind you, those things are not that cheap though.

This teaching process calls for a lot of cleaning and not just in the first few months. Even after the dog learns where to do his business, you will still have tons of cleaning to do every day, including vacuuming, cleaning the floors, cleaning the dog’s paws and so on.

Regarding the dog’s hygiene, you will have to wash him once or twice per month, depending on hair type, and wash him every time he gets back in the house. All this is, when put together, is a lot of work that some people just quit midway. Remember, dogs are a responsibility and you should know that before getting one because leaving them all of a sudden is a very stressful experience for them. Dogs get attached to their owners much more than we do to them, you can only imagine how they feel when we abandon them.

We hope you are a bit more aware of the responsibilities you are taking on when deciding to get a dog. It is also important to mention that you should check whether your housing community allows dogs in apartment or not. You surely don’t want to be hiding one. All in all, if you wish to get a dog, be prepared to have him for the rest of your life!

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