Are Bee Propolis Product Really Worth It?

Did you know that the resin is synthesized using different excretions from bees is used in producing bee propolis?  People that use alternative medications highly speak about the bee propolis. It is believed that this product can be used to counter several health conditions. There are however controversies that have come up challenging the safety and the effectiveness of bee propolis. This article will give you an honest verdict on the efficiency of products that are made of bee propolis.

History clearly outlines that bee propolis is a total natural healing agent. It is documented that Assyrians and Greeks used to use bee propolis to cure wounds and even deep cuts. People also say that it is an effective remedy for aberrant growths that may occur on the skin.

Bee propolis is a common ingredient for many modern day products like cosmetics, chewing gums and even skin care creams. You should shop for the best product if you want to get some bee propolis benefits for your skin. You will also find it being used in the manufacture of beverages and foods that are very helpful to human beings in terms of health matters. It is also worth noting that dentists are now studying extracts of bee propolis to determine whether it is viable for use in treatment of dental caries. The bee propolis has the ability to harden the enamel and can therefore be used as dental sealers.

It is also possible to take propolis in its raw state by chewing chunks that are cold processed to do away with any impurities that may be present. You can also wash down the chewed chunks using some water to aid in dealing with conditions like sore throats.  However, the chunks have a bitter taste and you may have to add some juice, milk or honey for you to be able to take them easily. You should always avoid mixing propolis with any carbonated drinks and beverages because these drinks will affect how effective the propolis will be.

Bee propolis is believed to be effective in boosting fertility in men. You can find files showing cases where men recorded increase in libido after using the product.  You should carry out research or consult a medical practitioner to find out what dosage is correct to take if you are trying to increase your fertility.

The side effects of the bee propolis are yet to be fully discovered.  However, some studies show that propolis can be very dangerous allergens.  Doctors also recommend that people who are allergic to bee products and bee stings should also avoid propolis because it may bring about severe harmful allergic reactions.

Expectant women are also discouraged from using propolis whether they are allergic to it or not. This is because it is not known if the resin can bring about harm to them during pregnancy. It is better to be safe than sorry.

This natural substance has proved to be very important over ages. However, more studies need to be done on it to understand it better but this should not bar those not allergic to it from  taking the supplement for their own health benefits.

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