Day: September 12, 2019

When you deal with chronic, constant pain, you are ready to do whatever it takes in order to at least reduce the intensity. Some people are so desperate to obtain pain relief that they try dangerous solutions. You don’t have to do that as there are easier ways to get this done; all you need is a good heating pad.

If you don’t know much about heating pads, we are happy to share our knowledge with you. A heating pad is, as its own name says it, a pad which uses heat to warm up parts of the body, the result being the ability to manage pain. So, which are the reasons why you should turn your attention to a heating pad as means to manage pain? There are a few very important ones which we would like to mention:

  • Moist heat therapy- A top quality heating pad uses moist heat therapy in order to manage pain. Tests show that the body can absorb moist temperature three times faster than dry temperature; therefore, moist heat penetrates deeper into the skin and it promotes faster pain relief.
  • Release of negative ions- When you use a heating pad combined with Himalayan salt, the salt releases negative ions. These ions easily reach the bloodstream and when they do this, they produce a biochemical reaction. It is thanks to this biochemical reaction that stress alleviation is obtained, as well as a boosted level of energy. This is a therapy which also helps alleviate depression and which increases the body’s defense against infection.
  • Skin conditions- This is also a therapy which helps people dealing with acne, psoriasis, eczema, acne or rushes thanks to the fact that it speeds up the detoxification process.
  • Mobility- Why should you use a heating pad in the detriment of an electric pad, for example? Well, a heating pad gives you mobility. When you use an electric pad, you are bound to stay in the same place; this can be annoying at one point. Of course, a heating pad provides all the mobility that you want, so this is a very good reason why you should use one.
  • Durability- If you opt for heating pads, you can be sure that they are durable and that they will last more than an electric pad.
  • Safety- There are no reasons for you to worry about burns. The hot pack is covered with a 100% cotton cover. The cotton cover prevents all burns and the skin is absolutely protected.

Did we convince you to try a heating pad?  If ‘’yes’’, there is one that we would like to recommend: the Geniani XL. See why Geniani XL heating pad is simple to operate, why it is perfect for the neck, the shoulders and the back and I know that you will quickly understand what a great investment it is. The Geniani XL is already very popular and for one good reason: it is a heating pad of a top quality. I know that you will be pleased with the outcome.