Month: May 2019

Did you know that thieves can steal your credit card information found in your wallet just by standing near or next to you? While today’s technology is now becoming more and more advanced, the thieves, on the other hand, are now becoming more clever, wiser, and advanced too. So, stealing from others without the actual of doing it is now becoming pandemic.

How do they do that?

RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification skimming uses radio waves to capture and read the credit card information that is stored on the microchip found in most credit cards, ATMs, and even Social Security. The device can read info up to seven feet away.

Primarily, the RFID was created to improve convenience; it helps cardholders to purchase anything at an RFID ready store and pay for it without the need to fall in line with other customers. However, experts have pointed out that the RFID can be dangerous too; clever thieves nowadays use RFID device that allows them to steal customer info through the credit card’s microchip.

Fortunately, there are smart people that were concerned enough to counteract the thieves’ ways of stealing credit card information or other essential cards that are designed with a microchip – the RFID protected wallet.

What is RFID blocking wallet?

RFID blocking wallet or RFID protected wallets are designed to protect your credit card, ATMs, and other relevant cards with a microchip in it. It is manufactured with layers or wrapping that is made from metal or carbon fiber; it blocks the electromagnetic field from getting into the card. If you need detailed information on how it works, you may check this website

Is it worth it?

Should you invest one? Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing a reliable RFID protected wallet:

Reason #1: RFID protected wallet is a reliable tool that helps you keep your credit card, ATMs, and other microchip-based cards from the thieves.

Reason#2: These wallets are manufactured durable and from high-quality materials.

Reason #3: Most of these wallets are very handy; they are designed with ample compartments, which allows you to place not only your credit card but also some cash too. However, the wallet’s being handy will depend on the brand of RFID blocking wallet that you would like to purchase.

Reason#4: It is dependable

Reason#5: It looks innovative and fashionable too

So, is it worth it? Yes, it is.

Final Thoughts

Thieves today are now becoming wiser, smart, and innovative too; if you want to keep your identity and your money from thieves who are using RFID devices to capture and read information from credit cards, ATMs, and other microchip-based cards you need to find a reliable, durable, and efficient wallet that is RFID protected.

RFID isn’t a bad thing; what make it terrible are the people who use RFID devices to steal money and identity from card users. However, this can be de-escalated by using an RFID blocking wallet. To get additional details on RFID protected wallet, you may visit Secure Your Pocket’s website.


Car jacks vary in type, size, and lifting capacity. Hence, not every jack you’ll find in the market perfectly match with an automobile. Knowing which jack is ideal for your vehicle will help to avoid accidents when lifting the object. Moreover, you can assure the tool would last for a long time.

Probably, you are already wondering how to determine which floor jack is best suitable for your vehicle. Take note that there are several factors you have to consider when selecting a floor jack to buy. To find out more about this, below are some useful tips in figuring out the right size jack for your SUV or any vehicle.

#1 Vehicle Weight

One thing you have to find out is the weight of the vehicle. Remember that each jack regardless of the type is rated based on certain weight range. The actual weight capacity of this tool is listed on the item’s sticker or the body of the equipment.

It is easy to find out an automobile’s weight. It is often indicated on the technical specifications and details of the car’s brochure. You can also browse the internet to find out the approximate weight of your vehicle.

In most cases, a two-ton floor jack can lift a sedan and small cars. On the other hand, you’ll need at least a four-ton jack to move an SUV or a pickup truck.

#2 Consider the Type of Car

Aside from the car’s weight, you also have to consider the type of automobile you have.

The type of car you have has a significant role in helping you navigate which jack to invest. Each vehicle has unique ground clearance. A ground clearance refers to the high the jack point sits off the ground. Automobiles with low ground clearance like racing cars, sedans, and small cars are easier to lift. Hence, you can use a hydraulic floor jack with ‘low-profile’ for such purposes.

A hydraulic floor jack is also useful in lifting SUV’S, vans, and trucks. However, you have to determine the weight capacity of the tool as well as the actual weight of the vehicle before lifting larger automobiles.

#3 Find out Floor Jack Quality

Once you’ve got the above info, the next thing you have to do is decide which floor jack to buy.

Now, selecting a floor jack can be confusing and daunting for a beginner. But with the right guide and the help of product review sources like the Auto Aid Outlet, handpicking such a tool is easier.

When selecting a floor jack, consider the build quality of the item. It is best to choose this type of tool that is made of high-grade aluminum since it is lesser in weight rather than steel. Moreover, a jack with superior build and quality can last for several years.

Additional Input

You have to be wise in handpicking a floor jack to buy. Also, do not ignore the guidelines, tips, and advice of online sources. Websites like the Auto Aid Outlet has helpful information that can guide you throughout the selection process. Likewise, you can find the answers to your questions via this source.