Month: December 2018

Regular passenger seats are unfit children particularly toddlers. Kids are too small to sit on a regular car seat. It is one of the reasons why you need to install a convertible car seat for children. This type of car seat has designs ideal for smaller kids. When the car suddenly swerves, the kid will remain safe on the seat. Likewise, a kid’s car seat has cushions that absorb the energy during a car crash.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t install a car seat. If you don’t have one in your car, make sure to get one from the most trusted car seat manufacturer in the industry, Britax.

Britax is one of the most respected names in this industry. This manufacturer is well-known for its ClickTight series is the Boulevard, Marathon, and Advocate. These car seats are popular because of their durability and ability to cushion impacts from car crashes.

Although Boulevard, Marathon, and Advocate come from the same manufacturer, each one of these car seats has unique features.

Now, it leads you to this question; is the Boulevard, Marathon or Advocate right for you?
The Kid Sitting Safe is an online source that provides product reviews of Britax ClickTight series. You can consult this website to learn more about each of Britax car seats. At this point, this post will focus on Britax Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat.

Advocate ClickTight Details

The Britax Advocate is perfect for parents who are searching for a high-quality convertible car seat. Aside from this, there are several qualities of Advocate by Britax to love.

Here it is.

#1 Easy Installation

There are car seats with complex installation system that you’ll have to ask for the dealer’s help. The Britax Advocate has no complex mechanism. The whole car seat is easy to install. You can do the job within 5 minutes at most.

#2 Side Impact Protection

This car seat has three layers of side impact protection. The extra layers of impact protection in Advocate car seat absorb more energy during a car crash compared to the first two ClickTight series. Moreover, the additional energy absorbing side cushions of this item is a great feature.

#3 Easy Level

You can easily level the car seat using the on/off lower anchors. With a click of a button, you can adjust the car seat easily.

#4 7-position Recline Technology

The Advocate ClickTight has a feature that allows you to adjust the angle of the seat. You can choose whether to angle the seat in an upright or reclining position. You can position the seat upright when the child is awake or recline it if your kid is sleeping.

Like many other car seats in the market, the Britax Advocate ClickTight also has drawbacks. The Advocate series is more expensive compared to Boulevard and Marathon models by Britax which are more affordable. Likewise, it does not come with a cup holder; you have to buy it separately. Also, some reports say that the tether and anchor strap of this product is defective.

If you want to learn more about this product, go to reliable sites like Kid Sitting Safe for details.


Water is a vital source of life. No one can live without this substance. Most people get their fresh water from their kitchen sinks. Fresh water is supplied to homes through the tap or local water supply. Local water companies have sophisticated and advanced water filtration systems that remove major contaminants from peoples drinking water. Sometimes a local filtration system does not get rid of all pollutants that contaminate H20. Using a personalized water pitcher helps to ensure that leftover contaminants are being removed from the tap.

How do water pitchers work?

Water pitchers typically use a physical barrier to remove extra contaminants from water. The pitchers utilize a certain type of barrier to performing this process. Water can also be purified through chemical or biological means, but water pitchers typically do not use these types of functions for this purpose.

The filtering system of a watcher pitcher is normally located in the lid. A person will fill up a pitcher with water. Once the pitcher is filled, they will pour the water into a cup. The liquid will be filtered through the lid as it passes into the cup. This simple filtering process typically removes remaining contaminants. Keep reading to discover what a water filter pitcher cannot remove from water.

Types of Filters and What they Remove

Before we can figure out what water pitchers cannot filter, we should first consider the different types of filters that are available for this process. There are different types of pitcher filter materials that manufacturers use for purification of water. Carbon is a common substance used for this purpose. It works by chemically binding with water. Once the water is bound to the carbon the contaminants are stuck to the carbon and the rest of the liquid remains free from these harmful substances.

Some units use ion exchange to get rid of impurities. Ion exchange is a process that works by using a resin to replace harmful ions with other types of ions that are less harmful. Magnesium and granulated carbon filtering models exist as well. Each of these different types of watcher pitcher filters removes different types of toxins.

Substances that Water Pitchers Cannot be Eliminate

All water pitcher filters remove a certain type of substance, but they cannot take away everything. Certain filters will remove specific impurities. If a person wants better tasting water, they should use a filter that eliminates the chlorine. If you want to get rid of contaminants such as mercury, lead or arsenic then utilize a filter such as granulated carbon or a regular carbon filter. Chemical based filters are good for eliminating things such as pesticides and toxins.

The main thing that you should do is to test your water impurities. There are kits that can be purchased from retail outlets or online that will reveal the types of chemicals that are present within your water. Once the chemicals have been identified, you can then select the best type of filtering unit that will get rid of those negative substances. You can also use multiple filtering units to eliminate different types of impurities you don’t want in your water drink.