Day: October 30, 2018

Elliptical trainer, also known as cross-trainer or x-trainer, is a low-impact workout machine that mobilizes both upper and lower body. Oftentimes, elliptical trainers are used for a cardiovascular workout, which is why you’ll see these machines located at the gym’s cardio section.

If you are currently having trouble choosing between a treadmill and an elliptical trainer for toning, you should choose elliptical, and here are the top 6 reasons why:

Reason #1: Effective in burning fats

Elliptical machines are effective when it comes to burning fats. According to the experts, working out using the equipment half an hour a day at 70 percent heart rate can burn calories effectively; this is because the elliptical does not target one part of the body, but both upper and lower body.

Reason #2: Effective in toning muscles

The elliptical training machine targets the thighs, calves, buttocks, the arms, the pectoral muscles, and the shoulders, simultaneously – a proof of excellent upper and lower body coordination – toning the muscles by 80 percent, according to the experts. Also, with upright posture, while pedaling the elliptical trainer, it uses more of the core muscles, encouraging toning of the muscles. Plus, if you use the trainer hands-free, it encourages balance and strengthening posture.

Reason #3: It is good for the heart

While the elliptical trainer can burn fats effectively during work-out, the trainer is effective in strengthening the heart. According to the experts, regular use of the equipment improves blood cholesterol and lowers the level of the cholesterol; this is one of the reasons why utilizing the trainer is highly recommended by the health professionals for motor and physical rehabilitation. Additionally, the trainer helps improve the performance of the respiratory system.

Reason #4: It does not affect the joints

Unlike running, skipping, and other workouts that involve intense mobility, using the elliptical trainer does not affect the joints. It puts less strain on the joints since the elliptical motion promotes the body’s natural running movement; this is also one of the reasons why the elliptical trainers are best used by the athletes who have had injuries or had undergone surgery at the feet.

Reason #5: It takes up less space

Buying elliptical trainers are much more space efficient than treadmills. There are several elliptical trainers available in the market today that are lightweight and easy to move. Plus, you can find several elliptical trainers that are foldable in the market today.

Reason #6: It is suitable for everyone

If you have seen some community outdoor gym in China and some states in the US, you’ll find two to four elliptical trainers; this means, everyone can use the equipment without worrying about any adverse effects, especially to young and older individuals. However, it is still unwise to use the equipment without understanding how it works. So, if you are new to the elliptical trainer, you should try to read some reliable posts, like this.

Final Thoughts

There are several advantages of utilizing either the treadmill or the elliptical trainer; however, when it comes to efficiency, you should use elliptical trainer over the treadmill.