Day: May 27, 2018

There are so many table saws that exist with compact, bench top, and jobsite table saws being the basic. They are designed to be portable which makes them small and light. Their weight is greatly reduced by reducing the use of heavier and sturdier materials in the design. Most of them come with direct drive 15-amp, 120V motors which produce not more than 2hp. Click here for more info about any type of portable saw you would like to learn about. The misconception about portable table saws is the main reason for writing this article.

Bench top saw
This portable device is designed to be affordable and it is very compact and light at the same time. If your aim is to get some light duty work done at your garage or workshop then this is the best machine for all your needs. They don’t have stands or wheels but they are still being regarded as portable because of their light weight which makes them be carried around by almost everyone. Due to their nature, they rely on the generous usage of lightweight material such as plastic, aluminum among other materials. Their table is made smaller with a rip capacity which is very limited. Still, it rises to the challenge of cutting some plywood or softer woods such as a pin, so while doing this don’t plan on working with a full-size material sheet.
Compact table saws
Compact table saws are better compared to bench top table saws. They have many characterize they share in common such as lightweight construction and direct drive universal motors. In as much as they share some features in common, it has features like stand or table surface made of cast iron to make them. Though their tables and rip capacity are a lot smaller, some can resemble full-size table saws.
Jobsite saws
They are a lot rugged and robust in their construction compared to the earlier mentioned portable table saws. If you are a contractor who is in need of portable saws then this one is the best alternative. It is commonly known as the contractor table saw because most contractors love their portable nature. Though the team has been common and widely accepted, it is not the real contractor table saw. True contractor table saws are an entirely different beast altogether.
Jobsite table saws are relatively compact and portable with robust components that allow it to produce more accurate results. They are more powerful and durable with yet they have direct motors. This is a feature which makes them fit into the heavy-duty machine categories. They have nice stands that make use of the space as they are capable of folding-up. In most cases the stand feature transport wheels. For any standard table saw a feature like riving knives, dust collection ports, and onboard space are always considered standard and so is for the jobsite saws