Month: March 2018

Towel warmers are not only a thing of luxury to be added to your bathroom, they are in fact a lot more than that. Of course, the main purpose of using the towel warmers is to get a dry towel and dry robes you need after a shower. But the towels warmers, in fact, have many more roles to play along with the principal role it is made to play.

A towel warmer can play a big role in keeping your family healthy and fit. If you have kids in your home, then they must need some dry baby clothes every now and then. But it may not be always easy for you to deliver them the good dry clothes. Especially in the winter, it becomes very difficult to ensure the supply of warm clothes for your babies. And the irony of the fact is that this is the time when the need for the warm cloth is at its all-time high. So the towel warmers play a big role in delivering that on your behalf solving a bigger problem for you. In addition to that bathroom and other damp places do not help the towels and bathrobes and your kid’s dresses dry off easily. It is a fact that bacteria grow fast in a damp environment and when your kids use those damp clothes they are supposed to be infected by the same. But using the towel warmer you are not only keeping the clothes dry and warm but also killing the bacteria before it reaches your kid and prevents them from breeding further.

Buying a good towel warmer may sound difficult considering the important role it is expected to play, but having a little information on the particular product and its overall function you can easily select one for your home. Also, you can prep up yourself by going through various good product reviews available online before you set out to swipe your card for making the payment. As information holds the key to success of every venture stepping in to, then buying a towel warmer is no different at all and to gain more knowledge on the subject you can read more here.

Towel warmers are not only limited to be used inside the bathroom, they can also be used in other damp areas of the building such as in the basement and bedrooms as well. These are designed to work mostly indoors and outdoor use of the same must be avoided. Also, the children in the house must be refrained from playing with or playing on the towel warmer. The electric shock hazards may cause trouble for the kids if things go wrong. Also, this s a device that heats itself up to dry up the clothes and keep them warm for hours, the possibility of burn injuries to kids cannot be ruled out either. If selected properly and used to its full efficiency, the towel warmer can play a big aide in keeping up the health of your family.


Our body is made up of multiple systems that are composed of multiple organs that function to maintain a balanced body. One of which is the cardiovascular system wherein veins, arteries, and capillaries are included. They are the ones that are responsible for distributing blood throughout our body. The blood, on the other hand, is the one that carries all the nutrients for distribution.

But, did you know that the blood itself is a complex system? It is not just merely a fluid that appears red when we see it. If you can remember your science lectures before, it is composed of different blood cells namely red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets. A lot of us, until now, still have a clear understanding of RBC and WBC since we always hear them around. However, platelets are less likely to be discussed.

Platelets only became too popular or part of the conversations between people and the news when cases related to it like dengue have emerged. Unlike WBCs and RBCs, platelets are actually incomplete cells or for that matter, not a cell. They are actually fragments of one large mother cell. To put it simply, it is like a breakdown product of a large cell. Platelets are actually part of the complete blood count (CBC) test that is done in patients.

What do platelets do?

Platelets actually play an important role at times when we are injured or wounded. They are the first one to arrive at the site to ensure that the walls that have been damaged will be closed so as to prevent more bleeding. Hence, they are important in preventing blood loss.

When you look at a CBC report, you will notice that the normal value of platelets come in a range. What does this mean? Such denotes that the amount of platelet in the blood should just be enough, not too low and not too high. That is because each situation can have negative effects.

What happens when you have low platelet counts?

As mentioned earlier, platelets are responsible for making sure that opening on the blood vessel walls can be sealed. With that in mind, a low level of platelet can make a person prone to too much bleeding. A low platelet count will also make a person prone to hematoma or easy bruising, blood in the urine, constant nose and gum bleeds, and the likes. For females, they may also experience excessive bleeding during their monthly period.

What happens if you have high platelet counts?

On the contrary, a person with a high platelet count will experience frequent headaches, dizziness, and chest pain. At times, he or she will also experience numbness, unconsciousness, and weakness. The dangerous thing about high platelet count is that it can lead to heart diseases because of clot production. Most of the time, a high level of platelet also indicates that a person has infection or inflammation.

Final Thoughts

Definitely, platelets play an important role in our lives. As similar to any other things in life, an excess or deficiency of which is not good. Hence, you must ensure that your platelet count is always at the normal range.