Day: November 19, 2017

Protein supplements in the form of drinks, powder, capsule, and more are already becoming popular nowadays. That is due to the fact that many individuals are conscious about their physique. They want to have strong, lean, and big muscles. Although workout and diet plans are effective ways of achieving such goal, incorporating protein supplements will make the process faster. One of the most popular types of protein supplements is the whey protein powder.


Whey protein is a compound that comes in two forms namely concentrate and isolate whey protein. At times, they are sold separately. However, a product called EAS Protein Powder contains a combination of both types. With that in regard, the benefits given by the two are achieved and the drawbacks have been resolved. The product is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and has a facility that processes fish and egg ingredients. According to them, the blend that they made led to a 100% whey protein concentrate. Hence, it is rich with immunoglobulins or immunity support compounds, as well as muscle-specific branch chain amino acids (BCAAs).


With that in regard, one serving of the product can provide the user’s body with 23 grams of protein that can easily be absorbed by the muscles and the body as a whole. Apart from BCAAs and immunoglobulins, the product also supplies the body with the right amount of leucine, which is responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Additionally, it also has glutamine that can promote muscle growth and energize immune cells.


The good thing about the product is that users can easily consume it since flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, have been incorporated. What is better is that even though it has a rich taste, the product does not any extra sugars or carbohydrates. In addition, it can also easily be mixed since the whey protein component has been filtered using ultrafiltration techniques. Meaning, the product has a very fine consistency and great solubility level. However, people who are allergic to milk and soy should refrain from taking this product.


Consumption-wise, one serving or two scoops of this product should be taken within 30 minutes after a workout regimen. Such is recommended so that the muscles that have been strained and stretched can be repaired and rebuilt immediately. Nevertheless, it can be taken up to a maximum of three servings in a day or depending on the protein need of the user. The good thing about this product is that it can be mixed with cold water, milk, or any type of beverages. Users only need to dissolve two scoops of the product in eight ounces of their chosen liquid. After which, they should place it in a blender or shaker for 20 or 30 seconds.


According to a detailed review of EAS protein powder, this product can be used as a substitute for a snack or meal. That is because the user will already feel full and energized once it is consumed. However, it is still not recommended that this product will be used for people who want to lose weight. Meaning, it should not “completely” substitute the user’s daily meals.